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Colorado Springs, CO • July 18-20 2014

The wind had an eerie almost sinister sound as it blew through the distorted rock formations and off the rimrock. Yet, strangely, the sound calmed his nerves and touched his soul. Dawes * stroked the neck of his horse and entwined his fingers in the mane of the young gelding. Being here just relaxed him.

Off to the north the clouds had parted and he could see the snow capped summit of Pikes Peak. He liked the high mountain country. The air, thinner and seemingly closer to heaven, cleansed his senses and rejuvenated his spirit. He liked a horse between his legs, the feel of a good rope and the sense that all was right with the world.

He wondered if the gorge was running water and when he glanced up he noticed an eagle catching the wind currents in search of food. There were just some places that made your heart soar and you knew you belonged there even if home was a long way off.

He nudged the gelding forward to change his perspective and was surprised when the wind changed and a whistle escaped the rock formations. Yes, he liked the area. He wanted to live here and someday, somehow he would make this his home and surround himself with clean air and majestic peaks.

Dawes urged his pony down the rocky trail. For now, he would be content to visit but he would never grow tired of all it had to offer.

Colorado Springs will welcome USTRC team ropers to the Colorado Championships the weekend of July 18 through 20. The event will offer some excellent team roping along with some excellent places to spend time when the roping finishes up each evening.

Food, lodging, tourist attractions and assorted activities abound in the area around Colorado Springs. If you haven’t been there, you need to make the Colorado Championships a priority on your calendar—there is just so much to do in that beautiful area.

Filled with a variety of attractions to feed every personality the area offers all sorts of unique places to spend some time. There is more to do around Colorado Springs than you could possibly handle in one weekend of team roping; ideally, one should plan to spend about a week. So, load your horses, arrive early and look around, you are sure to find something you enjoy. Then wrap it all up with some fun at the Colorado Championships.

If you need an agenda be sure it includes Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Peterson Air and Space Museum, Manitou Incline, Seven Falls and Red Rock Canyon, just to name a few sites.

Pikes Peak speaks for itself. Pikes Peak Highway, the entrance to the peak, is a mere fifteen minutes away from Colorado Springs. It is America’s mountain peak and the view is awesome. With an elevation of over 14,000 feet you can see all the way to next week. Plan to make the drive. You will never forget the view and the feeling you have when you reach the top.

Seven Falls is a series of seven cascading waterfalls of South Cheyenne Creek in South Cheyenne Canyon, Colorado; and the name of the larger visitor attraction. About ten minutes from downtown Colorado Springs, Seven Falls has been called the ‘Grandest Mile of Scenery in Colorado.’ Near the north end of the Cheyenne Mountain massif, the privately owned landform is part of the fall line of the Colorado Front Range. The sum of the height of the seven falls is 181 feet and there are a total of 224 steps on the staircase from the base of the falls to the peak.

Seven Falls is Colorado’s only waterfall that is included in the National Geographic list of international waterfalls. The falls are named from top to bottom: Ramona, Feather, Bridal Veil, Shorty, Hull, Weimer, and Hill. On either side of the mouth of the picturesque canyon a little ways into the park, the Pillars of Hercules are steep cliffs that are only 41 feet wide at the narrowest point and rise to 940 feet on the right side and 790 feet on the left. Plan to make this one of your stops.

The Manitou Springs Incline, also known as the Manitou Incline or simply the Incline, is a popular hiking trail rising above Manitou Springs, Colorado, near Colorado Springs. The trail is the remains of a former three foot narrow gauge funicular railway whose tracks washed out during a rock slide in 1990. The Incline is famous for its sweeping views and steep grade, as steep as 68% in places, making it a fitness challenge for locals in the Colorado Springs area. The incline gains over 2,000 feet of elevation in less than one mile.

The list is endless of the things to do when you get to Colorado Springs. Make the Colorado Championships your team roping of choice in July and plan to spend some time in Colorado Springs checking out the attractions. The food is good, the scenery is awesome and the team roping will be phenomenal. Put it on your calendar and BE THERE!

*** Dawes is an imaginary character for story purposes only.

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