Welcome to Western Sports Publishing

WSP is the only publishing company dedicated to the variety of today's top equine sport associations. We welcome you to look through our selection of publications and enjoy the action and excitement that plays out in arena all across the country throughout the year.

Western Sports Publishing is committed to supporting the diverse range of Western sports. Be it team roping, barrel racing, tie-down roping, calf roping or bull riding, if it has to do with today's Western sports, we have it covered. In addition, we continually serve the needs of equine enthusiasts with new ideas, products and news concerning the different sports and the overall equine industry.

Past - Present and Our Future

Western Sports Publishing began with SuperLooper Magazine, which is still the largest, most-read team roping magazine in the country. We continue to lead in this market and have since branched out into several others, all related to western sports.

SuperLooper Magazine is the official publication of the United States Team Roping Championships (USTRC) and has been the voice of the association since its inception and throughout the past two decades. Since then, the sport of team roping has grown tremendously. Today, it is estimated that there are 130,000-plus active team ropers throughout the country. The USTRC and SuperLooper's partnership have and will always continue to serve team ropers all across the nation.

With a solid foundation, SuperLooper grew into Western Sports Publishing. With a new name and a new direction, we have gained the respect as a proven production company that is able to produce other top quality publications. We now produce several publications related to many types of Western sports, including The All Around.

We have developed a standard of excellence that we stand behind. From our sales department to our production staff, we join together to offer our professional services to each publication stamped with our name.

With years of experience helping build markets around different Western sports, we have the knowledge of what our readers enjoy. With the growing popularity of all Western sports, markets are growing, too. We enjoy helping advertisers reach potential customers. In addition, we continue to bring more markets to our publications, and look forward to producing new and exciting publications in the future.

Each magazine produced by Western Sports Publishing is second to none. Each publication contains information specifically geared to its readers. Above all, we are dedicated to quality and integrity, something everyone at Western Sports Publishing is proud of.